About Us - Information security and Blockchain Currency Protection


We all see that there is an increasing threat from organized crime and terrorism related to cyber space. As evidenced by recent news, highly visible targets always are the first ones to get attacked, but it is not just those in the public eye. Thus it is imperative to help protect you and your family’s computers, data and internet files to keep personal information personal.  With Bitcoin and Crypto Currency, the stakes are even higher as you could lose everything. 

Intrepid is at the cutting edge of digital information security. Our personal security and privacy offerings incorporate market leading applications to safeguard all your digital property no matter where it resides


Intrepid set out with a simple mission: to protect people from technology threats by offering products and services that are commensurate with their level of risk.

At Intrepid, we feel that new technology should enhance your life without you having to worry about the ramifications of privacy and security concerns. You should be able to feel safe, regardless of your level of expertise. Intrepid offers support in all areas of your digital life. Our work is driven from our guiding principle of radically better personal information security.

Our Difference

We take your privacy and security personally.  With over 15 years experience in ethical hacking, risk management and protecting executives, Intrepid will keep you ahead of the criminals and technology in this dangerous game. No other company is taking into account the vast changes in Artificial Intelligence, Crypto-Currencies, Traditional Security, and Detection and Response.  

Where we came from:

The Intrepid Defense teams comes from Big X consulting (Ernst & Young, Deloitte, PWC), military intelligence, Sr technical support, and Solutions Engineering, and have held a variety of senior level positions.  


Intrepid EIP Overview (pdf)